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Lumension® Scan - Vulnerability Assessment Scanner

Complete, Real-Time Network Visibility and Proactive Vulnerability Assessment and Prioritization with Lumension Scan

Vulnerability Assessment Business Issues and Challenges

Today’s enterprise has virtually become borderless; devices are brought in and out of the environment due to increased workforce mobility. Organizations no longer have visibility into what systems and applications are running on the network at any given time. This makes it almost impossible to identify which vulnerabilities may exist within the network environment.

Security vulnerabilities are growing exponentially. Malware has increased by 500%, and major AV firms are falling behind on documenting known signatures.¹ A July 2008 study² highlighted that 6437 new vulnerabilities were disclosed and nearly 410,000 new examples of malware, including viruses, worms, back doors, key loggers, Trojans, spyware, and rootkits were released the previous year.

Even more alarming is that 90% of security vulnerabilities could be exploited remotely, i.e. over the network³. It’s evident that organizations need a solution that addresses all of these concerns and improves their security posture; one that allows real-time visibility and proactive vulnerability management.


Lumension Scan, a component of Lumension Vulnerability Management, is a complete stand-alone, network-based scanning solution that performs a comprehensive external scan of all devices connected to your network, both managed and unmanaged. Once assets are identified, the powerful, yet easy-to-use Lumension Scan detects weaknesses on these devices before they can be exploited.

Lumension Scan provides:
  • rapid and complete asset discovery and inventory of all devices on the network
  • thorough and accurate network-based software and configuration vulnerability assessment
  • risk-based vulnerability prioritization for identified threats
  • continuously updated vulnerability database for orderly remediation
  • comprehensive management and audit reporting

How it Works

  • 1. Your network is swept to identify and inventory all network devices
  • 2. A comprehensive vulnerability and configuration assessment scan is then performed for software threats and missing patches
  • 3. Threats are prioritized and risk mitigation is identified to aid in the remediation process
  • 4. A multitude of actionable reports are available for you to evaluate assessments against the vulnerability database and prepare executive, administrative and compliance reports

Features & Benefits

Key Product Features Benefit
Complete Asset Discovery
  • Automated discovery of all network devices (i.e. servers, desktop computers, laptops, routers, printers, switches, wireless access points, etc.), major Operating Systems and infrastructure.
Delivers Full Network Visibility
  • Visibility of what’s on your network in order to make it actionable.
Comprehensive Vulnerability Coverage
  • Over 4000 vulnerability audits with wide support across major OS platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Sun Solaris, HP, etc.), POSIX and infrastructure devices.
  • Vulnerability audits include security configurations, OS and application vulnerabilities, null passwords, patch-level related vulnerabilities, known hacking tools, malware, common worms, and P2P software checks.
Ensures Proactive Risk Management
  • Broad vulnerability assessment provides better security posture and lower TCO.
Adaptive and Targeted Scanning
  • The most accurate vulnerability assessment scan using flexible network-based scanning techniques
  • Various access-levels including credentialed- and null-based
  • Performs ad hoc scans that can target one or many machines, Active directory, IP ranges, OUs, specific vulnerabilities, etc.
Delivers Complete Visibility and Flexibility
  • Run comprehensive or targeted scans independent of user availability and access levels.
  • Real time and on-the-fly visibility of your environment.
Customizable Vulnerability Set
  • Define the scope of vulnerabilities to include in your scan
  • Offers a predefined list including CVE, Bugtraq, SANS, MS Advisory, NVD.
Aligns with Your Corporate Policy
  • Customize vulnerability set in-line with corporate policy.
Role-based Administration and Control
  • Enables distributed management of scan activity by user roles.
  • Delegates remediation and reporting activities to improve productivity while maintaining security.
Delivers Flexible Deployment Scenarios
  • Customized role-based access to information, reports and activities.
  • Designate individual administrators their portions of the network and have compliance managers report across the entire network.
Distributed Discovery and Assessment
  • Effectively scan & assess even complex and geographically distributed network environments across the WAN.
Provides Flexible Deployment Scenarios
  • Adapt your scan administration to your organizational setup.
  • Centralized management and reporting with decentralized, distributed scanning.
  • Timely scan results.
  • Reliable load off the network.
Automated and Template-based Scanning
  • Schedule and automate recurring scan tasks to run on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
Reduces IT Operating Costs
  • Automation allows you to focus your resources on more critical tasks
  • Continuous visibility and assessment of heterogeneous environments.
Consolidated Vulnerability Library
  • Extensive vulnerability database with informational resources and remediation recommendations
  • Provides details of identified vulnerabilities, cross-mapping identifiers, and impact to the organization, description of attack, options to fix, and additional references for further investigation.
Saves Time and IT Operating Costs
  • Actionable information to use to rapidly remediate critical vulnerabilities.
  • Centralized repositories of all vulnerabilities save costs, time, and resources.
Risk-Based Prioritization
  • All scanned systems are evaluated and prioritized according to asset value and vulnerability criticalities using straight-forward equations.
  • All systems are listed by risk severity (High, Medium, Low, Warning and Information).
Enhances IT Productivity, Lower Costs
  • Helps you focus and prioritize your remediation efforts on the most critical vulnerabilities.
  • More efficient use of your resources.
  • Lower TCO.
  • Stronger security posture.
  • Reduced risk exposure.
Comprehensive Reporting
  • Ability to create and export numerous high-level or detailed reports of all scan data.
  • Documents changes and demonstrates progress toward audit and compliance requirements with enterprise and local reporting of asset inventory, network or agent-based scans, vulnerability remediation and much more.
Delivers Executive & Technical Reporting
  • Customized documentation to meet different audience requirements for security posture.
  • Be ready for comprehensive executive & management as well as technical reporting at a moment’s notice.

Lowers TCO for Demonstrating Compliance

  • Maintain constant audit readiness through the automated collection and centralization of security configuration and vulnerability assessment results.
  • Customize reports to fit audit requirements.
Non-Disruptive Scanning
  • Designed to safely scan for vulnerabilities using standard networking protocols with minimum impact to your network.
  • Never employs malicious vulnerability attacks.
Ensures No Downtime or Disruptions
  • Can be used to scan production and tactical networks without causing disruption.
  • Keep your systems running safely.
  • Stay productive.
Supports Heterogeneous Platforms and Applications
  • MAC OS, Linux, Unix, Windows, and infrastructure devices.
  • Vulnerability audits include security configurations, OS and application vulnerabilities, null passwords, patch-level related vulnerabilities, known hacking tools, malware, missing patches, out-of-date antivirus signatures, worms, Trojans, and more.
Delivers One Solution for Complex Environments
  • Actionable information delivered for heterogeneous and dispersed environments.
  • Composite discovery using agent and agent less methodologies will help you gain complete visibility and actionable intelligence.
Highly Scalable
  • Modular components can be installed on the same or separate systems and scaled-up as needed.
  • Multiple instances of the scan engine can be deployed across the enterprise, controlled remotely or locally.
  • As the number of systems on the network increase so can the number of engines performing the scans.
Adapts to Your Growing Business
  • As your business grows, Lumension Scan will be there for you.
  • Adapts to various organizational setups, so you can always integrate the scanner into new business structures.
Common Criteria EAL2 Certified
  • The Common Criteria Evaluation and Certification Scheme (CCS) Certification Body has asserted that Lumension Scan complies with all the specified security requirements.
Provides Secure Scanning
  • Customers and vendors are supplying best practices to ensure quality and security of software solution.
  • Gives you peace of mind knowing that your scanning experience will be safe and that you comply with security requirements.


Minimum System Requirements:

System Requirements
Processor Requirements: Pentium-Compatible 2 GHz Processor
Memory Requirements: 2 GB RAM
Disk Space Requirements: 20 GB available disk space
Internet Connection A single 100 Mbps network connection (with access to the internet)
Display: Monitor resolution 1024 x 768
Operating System
32 bit
  • Windows XP Professional SP3+
  • Windows Vista SP2+
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2003 SP2+
  • Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2+
  • Windows Server 2008 SP2+
Database Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Note: Scan setup program will install SQL Server 2008 Express Edition SP1 with an instance name of Guardian during installation.

Supported Systems:

OS / Version Discovery Assessment
3com / Router, Switch X
BSD Unix / Net, Free, BSDI X
Cisco / IOS, CatOS, PIX X X
Cisco VPN X
Foundary / Router, Switch X
HP / HP-UX 10.x and later X X
HP / Tru64 4.0F and later X X
Juniper / JunOS X
Linux / Fedora (6,7) X X
Linux / Mandriva (7.0, 7.1) X X
Linux / Red Hat (Enterprise 3, 4, 5) X X
Linux / SuSE Open/Enterprise (9, 10.0, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3) X X
Linux / Oracle (4, 5) X X
Mac OS X X X
Nortel Switch X
OpenBSD / 3.8 and later X X
Printers / Canon, Epson, Tektronix X
Printers / HP Networked X X
Printers / Lexmark X
Sun Solaris / 2.5 and later X X
Windows (generic) X
Windows / 2000, XP, 2003 X X
Windows / Vista, 2008, 2008 R2, 7 X X
Windows / XP Embedded X X
Wireless Access Point X

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